Detour in le Jardin

Okay, so as the weather was amazing this weekend and we have had some gardening projects to finish, we took a little detour.  During our France week, we had begun to paint signs for le jardin and never got a chance to finish.  Today, after a bit more planting and tidying up, I was able to label our signs, en francais, of course, and place them in the garden.  We didn’t quite have enough for everything and hopefully we can make more again soon.  We began the signs during France week as the French are known for their amazing gardens.  When I lived in Paris I loved walking through les jardins throughout the changing seasons as gardeners worked hard to make things perfect! 

Here is our slightly imperfect garden with our newly painted signs.  It is definitely a work in progress. 



I love that along with being called “tomates”, in France tomatoes are also called “pommes d’amour”, which means apples of love. 




 This one is hard to see, but we added more blueberries today-les bleuets. 

I love these little mini herb signs I found during our "breather" at my favorite garden store.


So far, we’ve got several varieties of lettuces, basil, purple basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, sorrel, lemon balm, mint, brussel sprouts, sunflowers, artichoke, green beans, broccoli, zucchini, blueberries, pumpkin, crookneck squash, strawberries, spinach, swiss chard, arugula…I think that’s all. 

Tomorrow, there’ll be more fun from India, I promise!

2 responses to “Detour in le Jardin

  1. Love it. I will live vicariuosly thru you

  2. you can definitely reap the benefits, too! We’ve been having fabulous dinners from the garden lately and I’m happy to share 🙂

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