Spice Flags

After our ten day “breather” we are back and traveling again….this time to a land filled with spices, saris, peacocks, elephants, and many, many people. We are back in South Asia and much more comfortable this time as we are quite close to Bangladesh, which we visited early on in our journey.

Welcome to India!  We have stepped foot on this vast country rich with diversity and culture.  One that, once again, would really take months and months to uncover and saturate yourself with.  So in this short week, we will just be skimming the surface, but we definitely have some fun things planned.

Today we learned about India’s location, just east of Bangladesh, and we placed stars on Bihar, in the north, where our dear friends will be moving next January.

Because India is known for its spices, particularly curry, and, as the flag is a bit of a mustard-yellowy-orange and green, we opted for a “Spice Flag” craft.

Spices in Shakers


Using curry for the orange color stripe at the top, the kids applied glue and then sprinkled on the curry powder, shaking off the excess.  Next, I ground up some dried parsley and we sprinkled that for the lower green stripe of the flag. These turned out so nicely, we decided to mount them on black paper before we hung them on our traditional art line.

Smelling the spices

Finished Flags

Maps and Flags

Addie liked the smell of the curry so much, she decided she wanted to try some.  Here are a couple of  funny clips of her “enjoying” a spoonful.

This Week’s Verse

Those living far away fear your


where morning dawns and evening


you call forth songs of joy.

Psalm 65:8


3 responses to “Spice Flags

  1. LOVE IT!

  2. I forgot to comment on this last week when we looked at this. My kids got such a kick out of Addie’s video. They kept wanting to watch it over and over. Sadistic little munchkins.

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