Status Update

I haven’t posted many exciting things that we’ve done this week as there has been a lot going on, but I thought I’d give an update on our “spending freeze”/Haiti fundraiser project.  First of all, I’d say the spending freeze went very well.  Brian and I even went on a date on Tuesday night as we needed a night alone and couldn’t go out tonight for our anniversary.  While we did “spend” money, we were able to pay for dinner entirely with a gift card we had from awhile back and afterward we went shopping for some things for Tallinn’s party and only spent less than $5 as Brian had also won a VISA gift card from work.  I’ve felt a bit like Winona Ryder on Reality Bites this week, using her father’s gas card to buy food in the gas station food mart, offering to pay for other people with her father’s card to get cash….perhaps because we have been a little sneaky still “spending” in a sense.  Or, it could just be called “resourcefulness”.  I think I’m going to call it that.

For our Haiti fundraising the kids earned a total of $55 for the bake sale, chores for chickens money and doing their daily chores.  Combine that with the $75 I saved (roughly) from not buying extra things or even groceries and we have $130 for Haiti.  This will help buy Pur Water Packets, food and necessities.  Not bad for a week! 

Today I had several thoughts about Haiti and raising money for things. As a family, we have several ministries we are passionate about and for the kids’ birthdays this year we decided to choose a ministry to raise money for instead of gifts from friends. (Along with that we also do a “toy trade” where everyone brings a small toy and draws a number and each child goes home with a toy.)  This weekend, Tallinn is celebrating his 6th birthday and he has a sweet heart for the Free Wheelchair Mission and decided to raise money for that fabulous ministry.  I love that FWM is also raising money for Haiti and Tallinn got so excited to get their recent newsletter with Haiti pictured on the front. 

There are so many needy people in this world and we have so much to give!  As we finished our spending freeze and I jumped right back into our normal shopping, I was reminded tonight after feeling “very full” after dinner that this small exercise should be more than that and I want to continue to be intentional and aware of how I spend money and use it instead to help those who have nothing. 

Tomorrow night I’m hoping to make a Haitian/Creole dinner, but, with Tallinn’s party approaching, I can’t make any promises.

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  1. very cool. see you tonight.

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