Cheap Art

Okay, so with this spending freeze has also come a halt in my buying of art supplies. But honestly, we do have quite a bit and didn’t really need much for this week, especially as it’s been more of a fundraising week.

So, coloring has been the “art” of choice and I found several pages of Haitian people/images on, an EXCELLENT site on adoption featuring children who need forever families.  They have fun coloring pages for many children of the world and Tallinn spent about 40 minutes coloring several of them yesterday.

(I actually think they’re quite beautiful!)

We also spent some time watching pictures/videos of the earthquake damage…then and now videos as well as actual videos of the earthquake in progress.  Tallinn was really interested and I don’t believe in completely shielding my children from reality, especially as where we live isn’t really “reality” for much of the world.  Then, we found a few YouTube videos of Haitian dancing. 

Now, I do have one confession….as we are running on bare necessities I gave in and had Brian get me some frozen yogurt last night.  I caved, I know, it’s terrible, I couldn’t even make it through a week, but I am trying and am proud of other things I haven’t bought and I didn’t actually “buy” this, Brian did and as he has said “he” didn’t sign up for the spending freeze, I did :).  Such justification, I know.  At least I have been coming up with some “healthy” resourceful meals with what we have left.  Last night we had spinach spaghetti with a garlic cream sauce and broccoli.  I even snuck in some crushed red pepper and the kids ate it all the same.  Before my yogurt indulgence we all had mango for “dessert”…shh! Don’t tell that I had the good stuff, although mango is always quite delicious.  We did say last night that it would be a good idea to do “spending freezes” more often.  Think of the money we could save for those who really need it.  Thankfully, we’ve saved quite a bit this week and I’ll be excited to count it up at the end of the week and see what we can send to Haiti!

One response to “Cheap Art

  1. I so enjoy all the ideas and I hear the learning experience the spending freeze is having. It is amazing how something like that really does impact us so quickly. I love the lessons the 3 greatest kids in the world are learning.

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