Herbs for Haiti Sale…..and Snickerdoodles

So, today we did a little bake sale/herb sale for Haiti.  Yes, I did send Brian to the store to buy some sugar and butter as we also ran out of that.  Other than that, I feel pretty proud of myself for not having bought anything yet during this spending freeze.  Tonight we had friends for dinner, too and managed to pull it off with just a little help from them—a couple of cheeses for a frittata–otherwise, we used lots of greens from the garden, sage for a honey-sage cornbread and leftover snickerdoodles for dessert. 

My sweet friend Amanda even brought a couple of gallons of milk along, knowing that we still have a few days left….oh yes, and a FRAPUCCINO!  Thank you, Amanda!  Last night I dropped several major hints that turned slightly into begging for Brian to pick up some frozen yogurt.  Thankfully, he just cashed out on the couch or I would have given in and not held true to the “spending freeze”.  It’s actually been pretty fun to come up with innovative meals and  ways to get around spending money.  Yesterday, I made a chicken salad for lunch using broccoli, toasted almonds, cabbage, golden raisins, pink lady apples, red onions, a little mayo, apple cider vinegar and sugar.   My parents had provided us with some English muffins the other day as they had what seemed like 40 packages from Costco with only two people to eat it.  So, chicken salad with English muffins it was and it really was delicious!

Today, however, we couldn’t get around not spending anything, at least not with a bake sale approaching.  While Brian went to the store, I gathered lots of herbs from our garden, as they are doing insanely well, and grouped them into little bundles with twine.  Because of our compost bin, we  also have several little shoots of new plants coming into our garden–mostly tomatoes and zucchini–and we just don’t have the space.  I had purchased some plantable mini-pots at the 99 cent store not long ago and put a little plant into each one.

Sage Bunches

Mini Zucchini and Tomato Plants

 Then, the kids got into their aprons and hats and we got to work in the kitchen, baking, baking, baking. 

While the little ones took naps, Tallinn and I made some “Help for Haiti” signs and got everything ready to go.

Altogether we made $21, which brings our total up to $49, one dollar away from the $50 goal we initially started with!!!  The kids have been earning their dollars each day, faithfully doing their chores and if they keep it up we might even be able to give $50 for a food packet and $20 for another pur water packet.  Considering we’ve only being doing this since Wednesday, I’m quite proud of my sweet kids.  We even have some leftover snickerdoodles that we can sell tomorrow afternoon and definitely have more herbs, too!  Hopefully it will be warmer because it was quite chilly today.

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