It’s amazing what you run out of when you’re in the middle of a spending freeze.  Take for example sugar….hmm? Not exactly sure how we’re going to do a “Haiti bake sale” without the much-needed key ingredient: sugar.  Honey?  We’ll see how this goes, but I might have to succumb and go get some sugar.  If someone is quite prepared ahead of time for a spending freeze, the running out of sugar problem would never exist because they would have calculated how much they need for the week and pre-purchased accordingly.  I however, am not that prepared person, rather I fly by the seat of my pants and make rash decisions to halt all spending in the middle of the week with no forethought.

Fortunately, I can be fairly resourceful.  So, even though I was just informed this morning that tonight we are bringing dinner to our friends who just had a baby, I think I can pull it off without buying anything (although they may have a honey-sweetened dessert). Or, as Brian did point out, HE is not doing the spending freeze so he could pick up something if need be. Thanks, honey, a coffee treat would be great, too :). (Don’t worry, I’m still going to make dinner.)

And, fortunately again, I was prepared for some Haitian activities, including the reading of a fabulous book I bought awhile back for this special week, called “Tap-tap”.  I loved this sweet story about a little Haitian girl, Sasifi, who helps her mother carry oranges in a basket on her head all the way to the market to sell them, all along wishing she could ride the local “tap-tap”.  Because they do not have the money, they are forced to walk and her feet grow tired and then they spend the rest of the long day selling their harvest.  Since they do rather well, Sasifi’s mother buys her a hat and gives her a little change to buy a treat, but instead of buying something tasty to eat, she uses her money for a “tap-tap” ride home.  On the way home, she discovers why this little truck is appropriately named “tap-tap”.

Inspired by the sweet watercolor illustrations of palm trees in this story, we painted our own watercolor palm trees afterward.

2 responses to “Tap-tap

  1. Please adopt me! I’ll bring sugar and coffee. Your house is fun!

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