The Aftermath

Our journey has just turned quite sober.  We have arrived in a land filled with great destruction and devastation, where the need is unimaginable and we often don’t know what to do in order to help, or even where to begin.  This is a trap that so many people find themselves in in the midst of unfathomable statistics (143 million orphans, 30,000 children dying each day from preventable causes…).  It is a scary place to say “I’m willing to help” even in just a small way.

When the earthquake hit, I thought about doing a detour  and visiting and learning about Haiti right away, but as I pondered about it a bit more, I was reminded that often in a crisis many people show up right away to offer help and shortly after forget about the great need that continues to exist.

So here we are, in Haiti.  We’re not sure where this week will lead, but we’re going to hope and pray and believe that any efforts we can think of to offer help and encouragement will be met by those who need to be reminded that God loves them and people across the world still care.

When we learned about Ethiopia I didn’t want to focus on the poverty as much but remind my children of all that great nation has to offer.  This week will not be different in that aspect, however, there is no getting around this tragedy in Haiti and I believe my children need to see people who are struggling and learn how to offer a hand.

This morning we spent awhile talking about Haiti and thinking of ways we can potentially help.  Granted the idea of coming up with grandiose plans in one week seem a little far-fetched, so we’re taking it day-by-day, with small steps, simple ways we can help.  Personally, I’m also feeling very convicted that this begins with me, so I’m planning on doing a “spending hold” for the week and seeing if we can make it on just what we have left in the fridge-no  coffee splurges, frozen yogurt, et…. The kids have been given a challenge that every day they do their chores, they get $1 (which is QUITE a lot for our kids) with the ability of making up to $10.  During Christmas-time we did a little “chores for chickens” challenge to help buy chickens for families in need.  Well, at the same time we ended up getting our sweet puppy Cocoa and things got very complicated and we didn’t finish the task, so the kids have decided to use that money now for Haiti as well.

If you have some great ideas for us, I’d love more!  Of course we might not be able to get to everything, but I’m open to everyone’s thoughts on this.  There will likely be a bake sale and we’re thinking maybe Meme and Papa would like some help around their house for some extra $ for Haiti as well.

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