Drama, Drama, Drama

Greek Drama, that is.

Today we entered into the wonderful world of theater. The kids made Greek tragedy and comedy faces.  Addie chose the “happy” face and Tallinn chose the “sad”.  I found a great craft on Activity Village and, using paper plates, I cut out the frowns and smiles and eyes for the kids. Then we cut strips of black paper and the kids helped wrap them around pencils to make curly hair.  This was great because Tallinn was able to help cut strips and even Addie was able to curl them (or  at least shape them a bit).  (And notice Addie’s wearing her new Thai-dye shirt).

While they were drying we read “This is Greece” by M. Sasek and learned a bit more about Greek culture.  Wow, there is so much to learn. Even having been to Greece and studied the culture throughout high school and college, I feel like I have forgotten quite a bit.

One fun fact is that Brian’s grandfather was Greek, so he is 1/4 Greek, making Tallinn 1/8 Greek and Addie and Cardiff still 100 % Korean by blood, but 1/8 Greek, by adoption.

After learning more about Greece and a teeny bit about Greek Drama, I helped the kids get into makeshift togas and put on a little show.  This was their Greek drama debut and they are quite the amateurs at best, but pretty cute amateurs for sure.

Taking a Bow

The Omega!


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