Going Greek

Another day, another continent, such has this journey been. Full of adventure and new discoveries and here we are today, in Greece.  A nation that once ruled the world of its time.  One that established a way of government used in many countries today.  A nation full of beautiful islands and ancient ruins. A nation that knows how to celebrate!

This week we’re diving into Greece and we’re excited!  As we began our adventure today, we said goodbye to Thailand and traveled Northwest to this ancient nation on the Mediterranean Sea.  We colored maps and starred Athens and we made fun fingerprint flags using our fingertips and blue watercolor paint.

This Week’s Verse

One response to “Going Greek

  1. Finally got to see some of the blog and have been telling everyone about what you are doing. The pictures of the kids are priceless.
    MeMe has seen all kinds of carriages you can ride in which are pulled by horses. I am bringing you a flag from Norway and a teacher there wants to let her class talk to you and write to you when you study Norway.
    I have seen many people dressed in the clothes they have worn in their countries for many years. We saw the beautiful tulips of Holland. I have a magnet with a girl dressed in her costume from Norway which she wears on special days. You have an outfit from Korea that you took your 1st birthday picture in.

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