Thai Dye

We’re finishing up our Thailand week a little later than usual as I had really wanted to do a fun Thai Dye craft and didn’t get the materials ready until today.  So, here’s our version of “Thai” dye.  I actually did some research and there is a website called that shows a more traditional type of dyed clothes found in Thailand.  As this site would not share their trademark secrets, we were forced to experiment with our own materials. Our result was much more like traditional American tie-dye, but the kids and I had lots of fun in the process and that’s what matters most.

First, we pinched/tied/paper-clipped/decorated our white tee-shirts with office supplies, hair-bands, rubber bands and stickers.

Then, we headed to the garage sink and squeezed different colors over our shirts after rinsing them with hot water.

Lastly, we let them dry and removed all the fun things we had initially attached.

Voila!  Thai Dye….or maybe tie-die, but colorful fun-ness nonetheless.

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