Loy Krathong ลอยกระทง

 37576.jpg Loy Krathong image by Moonlight_028 

loykhrathong7.jpg Loy Yi Peng in Loy Krathong festival..Northern image by Moonlight_028 

In Thailand, every November they have a beautiful tradition of making “krathongs” and putting them in the river.  These are little floating masterpieces made of leaves and flowers with a candle and some incense in the middle.  (I think it actually means floating candle).  At night, thousands of people put them in the river with the candles and incense lit.  Bon says where he lives there are about 10,000 in the river all at the same time.  I’m sure it’s amazing to see in person.  

Yesterday, Bon shared with us the meaning of this tradition and the kids each made a little krathong.  Here is his explanation. 


We used styrofoam discs and attached leaves to the outside.  After trying tacky glue and stapling, it appeared that a hot glue gun was the best option for keeping the leaves on.  Bon says in Thailand they use banana leaves and a type of disc from a banana tree to decorate their krathongs. 


The Finished Products



Bon was a great helper!


Next, we did our own little “Loy Krathong”, which means, putting your floating candles into the water.  Initially we put our krathongs into the outside pound, but as it was quite windy the candles quickly blew out.  Since this festival is one done at night, we decided to move inside to the bathroom and use our little “bathtub river” for our family’s Loy Krathong. 





This was another one of my favorite crafts/activities so far.  It was so fun to hear from Bon all about this special tradition and to celebrate in our own special way and the kids absolutely LOVED it!  They stayed in the bathroom for a long time just watching their little krathongs floating in the tub.

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