Transitioning to Thailand

Wow we had a crazy week last week!  All five of us came down with the stomach flu and were out most of the week.  Fortunately we were able to make it to Disneyland on Monday to celebrate Addie’s fourth birthday (I guess unfortunately for everyone we came in contact with).  Later that night, the flu bug hit.  So, poor Cardiff celebrated his birthday (Tuesday-I know it’s crazy their birthday’s are one day apart!) on the couch with the rest of us.  I had fully intended to honor my sweet children’s birth country last week as we celebrated the days they came into the world, but that didn’t quite happen.  This week we are jumping ahead to Thailand as we have a Thai student staying with us now and it’s his last week here.   (We’ll go back to Korea when it comes up in the alphabet.) 

In the midst of the whirling and twirling that’s been going on around us we have found ourselves quite far from structured/mechanical Germany in the middle of what used to be called “Siam”.    An exotic country that has been ruled by the same king since 1946! 

While we have been quite near here before in visiting Bangladesh, the Thai culture is quite unlike any other and we are excited to dive in and learn all we can about this Southeast Asian marvel. 

This morning we got started with our Bible verse first.  Tallinn is getting to be quite the reader and he read almost the entire verse on his own.  (I really don’t believe in pushing kids to read so he has really learned to read almost entirely by himself.  It’s been super fun to watch!)  


Then, we continued on with our geography. Right away, Tallinn found Thailand on the globe, probably because we’ve looked at it a bit with Bon, our student.  The kids quickly colored their Thailand maps, then we moved on to our flag craft. 


Since rice is such a staple in the Thai diet, we decorated our flags today with the leftover red and blue tissue paper scraps from France week and used white rice for the white parts of the flag. 



Cardiff enjoyed tasting the rice as he made his flag, of course.




Finished Rice and Paper Flag

 Tomorrow we’re excited to have Bon teach us some Thai words and fun information about his country.  Unlike our Japanese students, Bon is the first student from Thailand that we’ve hosted so we really do have much to learn. 

Laew phob gan mai.  (See you again) 

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