Dessert for Breakfast

Guten morgan!  We’re finishing up our week in Germany and what a fun week it’s been. Yesterday we had a busy day with Cardiff’s birthday party and we remembered that Germans were the ones who started the tradition of the birthday cake and the blowing out of candles.

Later in the evening, I cheated a bit, and we had hamburgers for dinner along with a traditional German Potato Salad.  (After all the festivities we scaled back the dinner a bit this week.) 

Easy German Dinner

 And, since we had so many treats and sweets yesterday, we decided to have dessert for breakfast today instead. Afterall, pancakes count as breakfast right? So, German Apple Pancakes was it, a delicious ending to a wunderbar week.  This dessert (from once again did not fail to exceed our expectations, especially when topped with the delicious cinnamon-sugar mix and whipped cream. 

German Apple Pancakes

Before we enjoyed these yummy treats, we read this German Children’s Prayer and we each prayed a special prayer for Germany and the Germans. Even Cardiff said a sweet prayer all on his own.

Jedes Tierlein hat sein Fressen,
Jede Blume trinkt von Dir,
Lass auch uns Dich nicht vergessen,
Lieber Gott wir danken Dir.

Every animal is given food,
Each flower gets a drink,
Don’t let us forget Thee either,
Dear Lord, we thank thee.

Auf wiedersehen Deutschland und danke schoen.

3 responses to “Dessert for Breakfast

  1. I just came across your blog through Joy’s blog, who I just found today:) Anyways, I was wondering if you home school? Or if this is just a pre-school project?? I home school and I love this idea you have, so great!

    • I don’t officially home school, but probably will this fall. I figured it was my last year to teach my kids whatever I wanted and this is something we’re passionate about. We’ll be continuing this project this fall as I do begin to homeschool and we’ll see how it goes. If you need any help, let me know!

  2. Hi Alison, I just looked at your site. This is awesome. What a fun way to learn. Your children are lucky to have such a creative and inspiring Mom.

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