Accordions and Lederhosen

Today we spent some time learning about what the Germans have contributed to society, which is SO much.  From the first car to hamburgers to famous fairy-tales like Cinderella, the Germans have left an imprint on the world for sure.  Probably the most significant invention was from Johannes Gutenberg-the printing press.  Because of this amazing machine, people around the world have books to read and one of the first books ever printed on the printing press was the Gutenberg Bible.  It blows my mind how long it must have taken to put the letters together for each page!  We definitely have things so much easier today.

When we started our world tour, I found a great collection of books called Look What Came From… Today we discovered a great deal about Germany thanks to Look What Came From Germany

Continuing on in our learning about the German culture, the kids colored and put together a little boy paper doll with a traditional German lederhosen costume, including a hat and accordion.

Then, we watched this little diddy.

And alas, all is not lost, I found one picture of the special MB prize-Tallinn’s paperweight.

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