For the first time in our journey we are traveling by train. Up to this point, we’ve been going haphazardly around the world but this time, as Germany is a neighbor to France, we get to travel like we probably would if we were “really” touring the world.Upon first arriving in Germany, instead of beginning with our geography, we went on a little field trip. Having an inside connection to Mercedes-Benz, the kids and I paid a little visit to MBUSA.

 Our most excellent tour guide showed us a video on how the cars are made, took us on a complete tour of the office and told us about all the happenings there, and even had a fun craft and prize prepared at the end. What a guy!


Watching how cars are made

This is the video they watched.




Meeting room

Meeting a Mercedes-Benz employee


craft time


Sadly, my camera battery died just after we arrived, so many of these pictures were taken from my phone, along with the sweet pictures of the kids opening their individual drawers with their names spelled in cut-out letters revealing a special MB prize–a key chain for Addie, paperweight for Tal, and hat for Cardiff.  Those sweet pictures have somehow been taken up into the abyss of pictures that disappear without a trace.   The kids had so much fun and really learned a lot about the company and the German tradition of excellence in all they do.  

Later, they colored their flags and maps and learned our new Bible verse. 






I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.  

John 14:6 


One response to “Deutschland

  1. Wow what a fun day. The craft he prepared all I can say is What a Dad! This day looks like the beginning of A Day With Dad at the Office tradition.

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