Bon Appetit

C’est deja le fin de la semaine.  Je ne peut pas le croix! 
As my typical style of cooking is mostly French (having picked up a few things in culinary school in Paris) we took advantage this week and had several different French meals/dishes throughout the week, closing with our Grande Finale Francais.


Quiche Lorraine


I cheated and didn’t cut up the bacon, but you get the idea.   

Les Crepes avec sauce des Mures


For breakfast one day we had delicious crepes with a blackberry puree and whipped cream.   

La Grande Finale   

For the final dinner I opted for a combination of Provincial and Parisienne foods. Using my cherished At Home in Provence cookbook, by Patricia Wells, I found a couple authentic and new recipes. The first was a Sorrel Soup and since I had a beautiful bunch of sorrel growing in my garden, it sounded perfect.   

Sorrel from my garden


Sorrel Soup



I might have been the only one who thought this was truly delicious, but it was, especially when paired with the wonderful crusty wheat and polenta bread (see below).   

Crusty Wheat and Polenta Bread


The soup was followed by a traditional Souffle au Fromage, as I had all the ingredients and it accompanied the meal quite nicely.   

Souffle au Fromage


For the main dish, I stuck with what I know well, Steak au Poivre, simple, easy and peppery.   

Steak au Poivre


And the moment we all waited patiently for, creme brulee, a family favorite and delicious finish to our semaine fantastique.   

Creme Brulee


 Merci la France pour nous montrer les choses especial de ton pays magnifique. On t’aime! A Bientot!


4 responses to “Bon Appetit

  1. uhmm when are cooking classes again? lol Every thing looks fabulous! What a fun way to study!

  2. yum. you are making me hungry. 🙂 looks like another successful week.

  3. C ‘est déjà la fin de la semaine. Je ne peux le croire.

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