Our French Library

This week we’ve been reading a bunch of French livres.  I have collected several over the years including a couple that I purchased in France long before I had les enfants.  I have several English/French books that help teach different words and phrases to kids, but really aimer actual story books in French.  A few of my favorites are:  

Tu Nages ou Tu Coule about cows learning to swim, 

Maman, qu’est-ce-que le Royaume de Dieu?–Mom, what is the kingdom of God?, illustrated with children’s artwork

Nous Allons a la Plage-We’re Going to the Beach

Ma Soeur Bibi-a family brings home a dog from the pound and their current chien, who thinks he’s getting a new brother, is anything but excited about his new sister.

Many are just translated versions of stories in English, but I often prefer reading in French. And of course, there’s also my favorite This is Paris by M. Sasek, the first children’s travel guide he wrote. C’est fantastique!


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