La Peinture

 Aujourd’hui on a fait la peinture….today, we painted, and while I had dreams to set up on location somewhere fantastic with serene views and tranquil settings, with three kids (actually four today as I was babysitting) and a young puppy, we settled on using our soothing entryway. Well maybe it’s not actually that soothing, but one can pretend, right?


For Christmas two years ago we found a really great deal on children’s art easels for only $10 each!  My super talented husband picked up the easels and decided to carve each chid’s name in wooden letters and attach them to the top. The kids LOVED the easels and they have gotten much use with a whiteboard on one side, chalkboard on the other and a roll of butcher paper that attaches underneath. Because they have two sides each child was able to paint alone and draw inspiration, as much as any young artist can.  I set up our Z-Gallery Tour Eiffel next to Tallinn so he could try to copy it.  Eventually, I did some whimsical Eiffel Towers for Addie and Tal and they added the rest. 


our friend Brylie





I love my little aspiring artists et j’aime beaucoup la peinture!

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