Our First Family Passover

This week we had the privilege and joy of celebrating Passover and, while I did a bunch of research about the formalities of a Seder dinner and the significance of each item, I’m pretty sure we were far from Kosher. But, we tried and we learned and the kids are still too little to completely understand, thankfully.  I really think preparing a Seder takes years of learning and that is something I didn’t quite have.  Someday, hopefully we’ll be able to go to a real Seder dinner. Our church even hosted one this year, but I’d like to celebrate with a family that is Jewish and learn from them. 

So, our evening was a little unorganized and while dipping our bitter herbs in the salty water and washing our hands and eating the Charoset with matzo, somehow we couldn’t remember what the hard-boiled egg was for.  My mom and I searched high and low through the papers I had printed for www.torahtots.com but must have missed it.  Oh well, next time!  


The beautiful tablecloth was a wedding gift actually from Israel!

Passover Dinner Menu: 

Traditional Matzo Ball Soup 

Lamb with Tarragon and Mint Butter 

Israeli Couscous with Shallots and Parsley 

Brussel Sprouts with Cream and Parmesan Cheese 

Passover Honey Nut Cake 

Mint Tea 

I made a lamb dinner, which apparently many Jewish families don’t actually make for Passover.  The lamb was probably the best I’ve ever had from  a recipe I found on epicurious.com.  Our family eats couscous quite often so that wasn’t too different for us.  Actually, Trader Joe’s has a great Israeli couscous and I often follow the recipe on the back, adding raisins and lemon zest.   It’s delicious!   The Passover Cake was very sweet with a great mix of spices and paired nicely with some mint tea. 

Unfortunately, we had some upgrades done to our computer and I am having a hard time posting any pictures or videos.  (We even got a video doing the Baruchs with the kids).  Hopefully I’ll get it worked out tomorrow and can add the pictures a bit late. 

This week was a great reminder of a culture that, for us as Christians, brings us back to the very roots of our own faith.  We enjoyed reading familiar Bible stories in a new light and Tallinn still can’t enter his room without first touching his mezuzah.  In years to come I hope to be able to offer to my children the same experiences I had in Israel.  I will never forget my time there and I don’t think the kids will forget their short “time” in Israel this past week. 

Shalom, Israel!


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