Shalom Israel

From tropical island to the land of milk and honey, in Israel we have arrived!A land of deserts, rivers, valleys and mountains. A land of Jews, Muslims and Christians. A land that has been ruled by many nations and fought over almost since the beginning of time. A land that I have had the pleasure of visiting twice now, once during a college study abroad and once with our former pastor. I have ridden camels, slept in a bedouin camp, gone cliff diving, been in the room where Jesus shared his Last Supper with his disciples, gone snorkeling in the Red Sea, floated in the Dead Sea, watched baptisms in the Jordan river and sung together with the Saints in many tongues in Saint Anne’s church. Today we have entered the Promised Land!

What a treat to be here this week of Passover. While we have been taking this journey alphabetically, at times there are special circumstances that have led us to shift our letters around and this is one of them, Pesauch.

I loved introducing my children to the map of Israel, showing them the different places I’d been and placing a special star on Jerusalem, the city where our Lord laid down his life for us! We talked a little about the Star of David on the flag as well and hope to get into that more as the week progresses.

We finished our morning reading a very special book “This is Israel”, by Mirolav Sasek. His “This Is” series is such an amazing collection of children’s books, introducing little ones to some of the many great nations and cities around the world, including Ireland, Paris, Hong Kong, Britain, Greece and more. One day, I hope to have all 18. As I read this beautifully illustrated classic to my children, I was reminded of Israel and all it means to me, and so very thankful for this great nation.

Tomorrow we are going to attempt our first Seder. I’m excited and ready to celebrate!

2 responses to “Shalom Israel

  1. It’s so nice to read something positive about Israel 🙂

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