Erupting Volcanoes and Coconut Huts

While the islands of Fiji do not have any active volcanoes, years and years ago this country was formed by volcanoes coming out of the sea. Regardless, I think I was looking for any excuse to make a fun volcano with my kids and this seemed like the perfect time.

Using some Crayola model magic, we formed a volcano and then painted it with some paint squeeze brushes. After letting everything dry, we placed the volcano on a paper plate covered with aluminum foil and then added sand and rocks for the full effect.

Our friends Cadence and Camdyn helped us add our special explosion ingredients…baking soda, beet-colored water, and vinegar, and then we stood back and watched it erupt.

Earlier, the kids and I broke open some coconuts we had purchased at the store. Tallinn opened his first with a hammer, but it worked just as easily to drop them, so the last two were thrown to the ground where they broke into several pieces.

We then brought the pieces inside to clean them off and taste our product.

I’m honestly not a big fan of coconut and neither were Cardiff or Addie, but Tallinn, after spitting it out the first time, decided he actually liked it and proceeded to eat quite a bit more. We still have TONS of coconut left though and I’m debating on making some kind of skin cream or something (in my spare time). However, I was already planning on having the kids make Fijian-style huts and got some inspiration for the roofs after breaking open the coconuts.

We just cut a toilet paper roll in half, cut out a cute little door and placed the cleaned out coconut shell on top. Super fun and actually quite like the little huts we saw years ago in Fiji. On one of the islands we stayed in we even got to spend a few nights in a little hut much like this one, only significantly larger.

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