A Sailing We Will Go

Addie's boat didn't stand a chance

Today was a perfect day for sailing….for egg cartons that is. As Fiji is composed of many islands, I thought it would be appropriate to make some little boats.

Using styrofoam egg cartons and cups the kids decorated the styrofoam, secured a straw in the center for the flag, then hoisted the flags and set the boats to sail in our front yard pond (a bit grimy after some serious neglect).

The cups proved to be topsy-turvy little sailors, but the egg cartons were great! I think the best part of this whole experience was Tallinn’s immediate fear upon returning inside that someone would come and steal his boat. After attempting to hide it in the bushes and even trying to bury his sister’s, I convinced him that the garden snails would be worse than just leaving it in the pond. Still struggling, he excitedly came up with the idea to write “Don’t Touch” on his boat. So, he left the boat outside, we had a snack, took a bike ride…and to his pleasant surprise, his “Eggland’s Best” boat was still in the pond when we returned.

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