In what seems like ages ago, my sweet love and I spent our honeymoon in Fiji. We had a wonderful time, taking a small cruise around some islands, enjoying the scenery, kayaking, snorkeling, just breathing really. It almost was a lifetime ago in a sense, or at least a different life at that time…life before children.

Bula, in Fijian, means “hello” and everyone we met in Fiji greeted us with big smiles and this fun word. We liked it so much, we decided to name our first pet after it, a beautiful African leopard tortoise that only made it a few years and sadly I can’t find any pictures of her.

This morning, we left the horn of Africa and journeyed to the tropical paradise of Fiji, but before we really left Africa, we did a bit of review just to make sure we’re remembering the countries we’ve learned. Then, we did our typical flag and map pages and looked at some pictures of our special trip.

As I showed Tallinn some pictures from our honeymoon, he said “Who watched us when you were gone?” Like I said, that was a different time.

 Tonight, before we went backward and had our Ethiopian dinner, the kids got dressed in some Fijian (Hawaiian) clothes, we put on some Fijian music and did a bit of dancing. It was priceless. They are priceless, and as much as life has changed, I wouldn’t change one thing about having them in my life.

One response to “Bula

  1. Luv the dancing number and the comment of who took care of them while you were gone. Such fun activities to participate in.

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