Coffee Bean Kids

I am a firm believer in things being created for a purpose, particularly when it comes to coffee. Afterall, how would I ever get through the day without it? Lucky for me, this week we’re studying a nation that is known by coffee lovers for it’s delicious beans.

Because it’s such a staple for the Ethiopian ecomony (it generates 60% of its total export earnings), I came up with a little craft using these precious beans. Also, it was a bit difficult to find many Ethiopian crafts for kids and I needed to think of something.

So, my super fun idea was to make paper dolls and decorate them with coffee beans. Using cardboard, I cut out a little boy and a little girl for Tallinn and Addie to decorate.

The kids really loved this craft and I loved the smell that permeated our “Create Room”. Tallinn carefully arranged each bean and I helped Addie just drop handfuls all over her glue-covered doll. We thought about putting googly eyes and fun hair on our creations, but felt in the end that they looked best just they way they were.

We’ve done several crafts so far and I think this was the first one I came up with completely on my own. I have to say, I was pretty excited about it! Tallinn asked if we could do more coffee bean crafts as apparently he really likes the smell. Hopefully he won’t be excited about the taste for a while or we might have a problem.

3 responses to “Coffee Bean Kids

  1. awesome.

  2. thank you so much for the idea. i hope you do not mind – i am using it for an ethiopian presentation at my daughters preschool. my daughter is adopted from ethiopia and i was having a hard time figuring out what crafts and or food to serve. when i called the teacher she was thrilled with your idea. i am serving it with popcorn like a coffee ceremony. thanks!!

    • Sorry it took me so long to respond to your post! I’m so glad you liked the craft and hope all the preschoolers loved it. We had a lot of fun making the coffee bean children :). We have so many friends who adored children from Ethiopia as well! Special special treasures :)!

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