Fat Margareta, Tall Hermann and our Final Dinner

There is a story in Estonia about two popular landmarks that are in love with each other, but embarrassed about how they look. Tall Hermann is a tower of the Toompea Castle, on Toompea hill in Tallinn. He is visited by two swans and reveals to them his love of Fat Margareta and how he thinks she’ll never love him because he is too tall and ugly. Fat Margareta (a local defensive tower), on the other hand loves Tall Hermann but feels she is too fat and ugly for him to love her. 

Paks Margareta seen from the front Photo of Pikk Hermann or Tall Hermann.
On Friday we read this fun story and looked at some different pictures of these city treasures. Anu gave us a translated version so we could read the story in English (or else we never would have known it). Then, the kids drew pictures of castles and towers and did some watercoloring. 


Tallinn's Castle


Painted Castle


Freehand Painting


Last night, we closed our eyes and found ourselves in the middle of Tallinn, near Fat Margareta and Tall Hermann. In the background we could hear the music of Estonia penetrating through the city streets. On the table before us, an array of bowls adorned with Estonian cuisine. 


*Sorry it’s a little blurry, technical issues. 

Tonight’s Estonian Menu 

Carrot and Apple Salad


 Beetroot Salad 

Barley Skillet Bread


 Estonian Pork 



Bread Soup


Estonian Rye Cookies



Honestly, I have never made anything like Estonian food. The salads were not like American salads, more like a type of garnish and it sounds like they serve many with each meal. They were quite delicious, although we’re still trying to get the kids to eat beets. (They wouldn’t go for it even though we called it “sweet red salad”. We’ll keep trying.) I loved the parsley mixed together with the carrot and apples with a hint of sugar. Everyone really enjoyed the barley skillet bread which is served quite often in Estonian homes. The pork was made with sauerkraut which isn’t something we eat often, but was flavorful and nice. Yurie, who loves things that are pickled, absolutely loved the pork. She also loved the bread soup, which is actually a dessert. Out of all the desserts we’ve made, she said this one was her favorite. The rest of us enjoyed it too, topped with whipped cream and an Estonian rye cookie, which the kids and I made on Friday. It kind of reminded me of Christmas wrapped up and served in a bowl. Delicious! 

Tänan väga Estonia. (Thank you). It was an honor and privilege to learn about your great nation. You will forever be in our hearts. 



2 responses to “Fat Margareta, Tall Hermann and our Final Dinner

  1. I am a native Estonian and I can’t tell how cool I find the fact that you named your son Tallinn!! Nice blog 🙂

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