Cork Deer and Potato Prints


Okay, so we had a few setbacks this week. Namely that we had to leave our home as it was being painted and move in with my parents for a few days. That didn’t stop us from continuing our learning  journey, but it did prevent me from posting about it.  

For the past few days we’ve been having fun with Estonian crafts. The first was found on my sweet friend Anu’s school’s blog. They are little deer made out of corks. (Fortunately, I have a friend who saves all her wine corks and she let us have a bunch.) While these little deer may look quite easy to make, we did have some challenges, and, in the move of houses, I misplaced the pipe cleaners for the antlers. Anu said they made their deer with toothpicks which worked on a couple corks, but those Estonians must have really strong fingers or something because it didn’t seem to really work for ours. In the end, we just glued them together with tacky glue. I’ll have to go to the store to pick up some pipe cleaners for the finishing touch, but they really are quite cute!  



This link shows what the deer really should look like.  

The next fun craft we did was potato printing. Apparently in Estonia potatoes are a really big deal and they even have a potato print festival making some pretty amazing designs using potatoes. As this was my first experience doing potato printing, I stuck to some easy designs…a heart, butterfly, triangle, star and happy face.  


All you have to do to make the potato into a shape for printing is first lightly carve out your design in the potato. Next, you cut around the design leaving it protruding from the top of the potato.  



It's hard to tell, I know, but this is a butterfly


 I used a little cheese knife, thinking initially the kids would be able to help, but this really wasn’t quite the kid craft. Although, the printing part of it was super fun for my kids and so easy for them to do. We used a bunch of different tempura paints and laid white paper all over and the kids went to town with potato printing. 





Now that you’ve seen our humble versions, here’s what the professional Estonian potato prints really look like from  



Aren’t they amazing? The whole website on potato printing is very impressive and there are many more pictures to look at. For us, it looks like we’re going to need a lot more practice to make it into any festival.


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  1. that is so cool!! 🙂

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