Tallinn’s Estonia

In 1998 I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful town of Tallinn, Estonia. It was a short visit as we were just passing through, but the town was so cute and welcoming I won’t forget it.

When we were deciding on names for our first child, Tallinn quickly hit the top of our list, along with Paris if it was to be a girl. I am so glad we ended up with a Tallinn. What a love and a joy he is!

This week, we’re studying “Tallinn’s” country–Estonia–and boy is he excited! In my research for things to do and recipes I happened to find a little kindergarten blog swap between a school in Tallinn and one in another country. I spent awhile on the blog and then found a photo gallery of pictures from the school with a link to someone’s email address. I decided to randomly email this person and see if they had any advice for our Estonia week. A few days later I received an email from a lady at the school and she has been a fabulous help for our week. The entire school’s blog alone is enough to impress anyone interested in art ideas for kids http://keskkonnakasvatus.blogspot.com/. I wish I could read Estonian and understand everything they’re saying.

What I do love is that, on the other side of the world, a new found friend in Estonia is helping us learn about her great country….all because of the internet.

Today, as we dove into this country with deep roots and history, we didn’t have to travel far as Denmark and Estonia are quite close compared to where we’ve journeyed.

Tallinn had already found “his” country awhile back on the globe and found it again today before they colored and starred their own map pages. Of course stars were placed on the city of “Tallinn” which means “castle town”. I love that!

For our flag art today, the kids used blue stickers to fill in the top row of blue, black stickers for the next row and white stickers or nothing for the bottom row. While it’s a little different from the original flag, I think they turned out quite nicely.

We have so much to learn about Estonia and I hope we can shed some new insights for those who maybe have never even heard about this Baltic Nation.

2 responses to “Tallinn’s Estonia

  1. so fun!

  2. I have missed seeing the blog and am so sorry more are not visiting it. How exciting that Tallinn is learning all about Tallinn Estonia and much about the country in which his name is represented. All of the activities I have seen about Denmark and Canada and now Estonia are so filled with creative ideas and hands on fun. Regular school will be so dull for Tallinn if you decide to send him. With the explanations I feel as if I am right there with all of you. Love MeMe

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