Pretend Daisies and Blue Plates

Okay, so today’s crafts didn’t quite go as planned. I had envisioned my children each decorating a Danish-style blue and white plate with fun designs resembling those found in Denmark.  Hmm, well, let’s just say we didn’t quite meet my standards. This was partly, actually completely, due to the fact that when I went to purchase the plate-making kit I didn’t realize it was a pre-made ceramic plate with markers to design it. I thought the kit was for the send-away plates that you color on paper first, then the company makes it into a fun plate.

So, my plate set only had 1 plate and I let Tallinn design it and promised Addie to buy her one as trying to get them to share a plate proved difficult. Samples of Danish plates were printed for Tallinn to get ideas from and, after starting with a great design, he decided to just fill the whole plate in with blue “for boys”, he said. There went my wonderful vision of us dining on elaborate Danish plates for years to come. The funny thing is that Tallinn’s drawings lately have really gotten detailed and fun, so this was a little bit shocking to me.

The beginning when there was a little bit of a design in the middle

Finished "boy" plate

Oh well, we’ll try again with Addie when we get another plate. Fortunately, I used my 40% off coupon and don’t feel like it was a huge waste of money. 

The other predicament for today was that, after searching two nurseries, it would appear that Marguerite Daisies are not quite in season. We searched high and low and came out dry and decided to settle for some “look-alike” marguerites. I know, I know, the kids don’t even care, and they look pretty similar to the real thing, even if they are a knock-off. Sitting in their sweet swan plant holders, they do actually look quite cute.

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