Welcome to Denmark

In the land of vikings and wooden shoes and blue and white porcelain plates and dishes, we have arrived! We are happy here, reading the stories of Hans Christian Anderson, draping ourselves with the fun Danish garland my darling friend Kathleen purchased for us in Solvang, along with a few Danish trinkets. I love it!

Thank you, Kathleen!

Our garland's new home.

And, before we began the embrace of all things Danish (not to be confused with “Dutch” as I often find myself doing) we recapped our previous destinations, going backwards on our journey through the world alphabetically. I’m amazed at what my kids (mostly Tallinn) have retained! This morning as we began, so also began the hollering and excitement of a new country to visit, making this choice to take a learning voyage all the more worth it!

In typical Monday fashion, we began with geography, finding Denmark near Austria (at least that’s the one they know thus far) and starring Copenhagen, it’s culturally fantastic capitol city. The kids colored their maps, shaded the red areas of the flag and then we did another bead flag craft. For some reason this time I chose much smaller beads, mostly because I already had one color and wanted to save money. However, this meant that I primarily made the flags because even Tallinn found stringing the beads really tiring after the first four or five safety pins were complete. So, I did the remaining nine or so, while the kids got some wiggles out, and I didn’t mind at all.


A little later we began our literature study, which is what we are going to focus a bit more on this week. We read “The Ugly Duckling” and hope to visit the library tomorrow to get some more books by Hans Christian Anderson. But, one day at a time.

While the kids were coloring, we learned our new verse:

May all the kings of the earth praise

you, O LORD,

when they hear the words of your


Psalm 138:4

4 responses to “Welcome to Denmark

  1. Have you been visiting the little mermaid in the shore? I am sure the kids got interest on it as well as the Tivoli.

  2. Sure. And yes, every year a lot of tourist flock to Denmark just to visit Copenhagen. There are lots of interesting places in this country.

    Perhaps, if you wanted a weekly updates all about Denmark, try to visit http://www.MyDenmarkTV.com they will post a video every Wednesday of the week. There are others also but I like the site because within a week they can come up another episode.

  3. Thanks for the website! That’s great.

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