Maple Memories

After a fun week learning about Canada, I think their national anthem has really grown on us. It’s actually quite a pretty song and, as we placed our Canadian dinner on the table last night, we listened to this beautiful anthem. Even Cardiff joined in the singing.  

Before our dinner, we decided to have fun with some maple leaves. While on a little nature walk, we found several maple leaves of all sizes and colors, or a few colors, anyway. We brought them home and did some leaf rubbings using crayons.  




Later, the kids helped me make Nanaimo bars, a popular Canadian no-bake cookie bar made famous by the town from which it derives its name. My wonderful Canadian friend Maria gave me this delicious recipe with a warning….”They’re dangerous”. She was right! With that much butter and goodness, they were bound to be good, and addictive.  

boys in the it!


Nanaimo Bars


The igloo is finished now, too, thanks to my remarkable husband and we decorated around it with cotton balls and plastic animals-some appropriate and some not so appropriate.  

a vision of the arctic


Tallinn's creative interpretation of the arctic


Good thing those Inuits are protected from the dinosaurs in their sturdy igloo!  


And our concluding dinner:  

Classic Tourtière with Red Mashed Potatoes  

Spinach Salad with White Wine Vinaigrette  

Pouding Chômeur (Maple Pudding Cake)  

Nanaimo Bars  

Tourtière-Canadian Meat Pie



Pouding Chômeur


I’m pretty sure we’ve hit the jackpot with these desserts! Every one has been amazing and all I would make again. The Maple Pudding Cake was a mix of sweet maple, balanced with sour cream, combining soft cake with maple gooeyness. We also enjoyed the tourtière, but it did remind me a bit of English cooking and I think next time I’ll add some flair. It definitely gives me a place to start and will make for a great winter recipe in the future.  The mashed potatoes mixed with the tourtière were best and the spinach salad was really just what I had in the refrigerator to add some green.  

Au revoir Canada, we stand on guard for thee!


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