Inuit Fashion Fun


In keeping with our learning on the Inuit people, we decided to make some Inuit Snow Goggles today. This was actually quite a funny craft and we got a lot of laughs out of it.  

I found the idea on and I particularly love that there are warnings from Crayola on the dangers of using scissors and bacteria in toilet paper rolls. Apparently, we picked a pretty risky craft.  

This  actually quite simple craft involved flattening a cardboard toilet paper roll, cutting slits for the eyes, an arch for the nose. Then, punching holes and using rubber bands to attach them around the ears. The kids colored them and voila! Their eyes will now be protected from the bright sun reflecting off of snow, just like the Inuits. Although they might not be able to see.  


we used hair bands instead of rubber bands


still working on the igloo, need a little of dad's engineering skills to finish the top


Car enjoyed eating the sugar cubes while waiting


the latest fashion trend


I'm pretty sure Addie's was the funniest!

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