Olympic Fever and a bit of Shopping

While I wish I could say we had the best time last night watching the opening ceremony and seeing each country enter…it didn’t quite go that way. We turned the TV on at about 7, hoping to see some footage before the 7:30 kickoff, but, sadly, we saw much, much more than we should have ever witnessed. For some terrible reason they decided to show all the details of the luge accident that took the life of Georgian Nodar Kumaritashvili. I did explain it to our kids a bit beforehand as I want them to know how short life is and we prayed for this man’s family, but I had no idea they would show the actual events on  TV. It made me sick and sad for this man’s family that they felt the need to show the world how he died.

After that sobering experience, we waited…and waited….and waited..and the kids just couldn’t make it. It seemed like they kept pushing back the time.

Needless to say, we did watch the ceremony today…in bits and pieces…and it really was so fun to watch the kids get excited when they knew a country. They cheered loudly for Australia and Austria, Brazil, China and Japan! Tallinn even recognized the British flag which surprised me as we haven’t learned that one yet. We all cheered excitedly when South Korea came in as almost half of our family is Korean by heritage. South Africa was another family fav, along with Mexico, Ethiopia and France. Of course the most fun was seeing our own nation enter the stadium and we all waved our torches high.

So, in the end, we did enjoy the ceremony and have now begun the olympic excitement that comes every two years as we witness athletic prowess at its best.

Today, as we are preparing for tomorrow night’s Chinese dinner, we took a family field trip to our local Chinese Grocery Store. Tal said the people at the store looked like Yurie.

good little shoppers get to pick a treat

get your live fish here!

Boy do we feel blessed to live where we do and have all these resources at our disposal!

2 responses to “Olympic Fever and a bit of Shopping

  1. So enjoy all the activities everyday and being able to keep up with the kiddos. Such exciting experiences for everyone. I too am saddened by the fact they showed the Olympic tragedy.

  2. love it!

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