Watercolors and Flames

Oh how I love the winter olympics, countries coming together in the name of competition, figure skating, skiers jumping through the air…it’s so fun to watch and cheer for a favorite althlete, especially when we get a little slice of their story.

Typically, however, I haven’t been that interested in the opening ceremonies. (I don’t think I’m much of a ceremony person, in general). Sadly, I only saw part of China’s spectactular celebration last year and I know it was amazing. This year, on the other hand, I’m excited to watch the events unfold tonight with my family. I feel like it’s so perfectly timed as we’re learning about many countries of the world and now the kids get to see people entering the stadium proudly carrying their country’s flag. It’s really the first time I think they’ve been old enough to understand and we’ve revved them up for a fun evening.

Today, before the festivities, we did a little Chinese art. Tallinn and Addie each drew a dragon free-hand and then watercolored it. I taught them a little bit about how to shade the colors and let them create their own masterpieces. Addie’s turned into a few lines and squiggles, while Tallinn’s was super impressive to me. To you, it possibly looks nothing like a dragon, but I quite love his sweet depiction.

Later, we made our own little olympic torches to wave tonight as we watch the real flame being held with pride. All we did was roll a rectangular piece of white cardstock into a cone shape and then glued some gold metallic wrapping paper inside.


One response to “Watercolors and Flames

  1. you are too awesome! when i grow up i want to be alison. 🙂

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