The Year of the Tiger

They say it will be the year of the tiger in China. So interesting how they have animals to represent each year. 

I wasn’t quite feeling tiger-ish quite yet (maybe tomorrow), so we decided to make dragons instead. Although, from my understanding, dragons are a constant “animal” in China. Plus, I found a really cute, easy craft using handprints to make dragons and thought it was a nice fit for my trio. 

These handprint dragons were found on and all you have to do is trace your child’s hand and cut it out about 5-6 times. 

colorful hand cut-outs


Activity Village has a template for the dragon face, legs and tail, which you can color or cut out of colored paper. 

coloring the dragon's head


We added googly eyes at the end instead of drawing them to make it a bit more fun. 

Addie chose pink, of course


assembling the dragon


Cardiff's finished dragon...the littlest


Tallinn's finished dragon...much bigger


 So there you have it, our craft for today. Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating with a fun Chinese New Year Party.

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  1. love it!

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