Chinese Drum Roll

I like to think that our family is pretty adventurous, especially when it comes to traveling and trying new things. Over Thanksgiving break, we spent some time in San Francisco and revisited one of our favorite spots-Chinatown. For lunch we were desperate for some scrumptuous dim sum and stumbled upon a very large “hole-in-the-wall” type of place that was just our style. Packed with  Chinese people, it had tables turning every few minutes and I’m pretty sure the three whities in our family were the only white people in the whole restaurant. That’s exactly how we like it. And, as expected, the dim sum was absolutely delicious, even though we have no clue as to what we really ate that afternoon. 


 Today, as we continued our journey in China, we made some fun Chinese drums. I found a great craft on and, using wooden spoons, we attached a shoestring with a bead on each end to the base of the spoon.   

wooden spoon with shoelace and attached beads


Then, we used a hot glue gun to attach an old CD to either side of the spoon.   

both sides with CD attached


Lastly, the kids (Tallinn only today) painted the CDs with an acrylic paint.  

let's make some noise!



finished drum


 Later, we made it an easy night with Chinese take out from one of our local favorites. 


One response to “Chinese Drum Roll

  1. What’s it like to be this awesome? For reals!!!! What an extraordinarily fun and unique way for your kids to learn. Way to go Mom!

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