Tchau Brasil

In our typical fashion, we concluded our adventure in Brasil with a delicious dinner. Although, this week was not so typical as we had our Brasilian dinner during the Superbowl. 

Our friends did not complain as we served fun Brasilian appetizers, dinner and dessert. 

Brasilian Dinner-Picture Menu 

mini quesadillas, brasilian style

I love the concept of these quesadillas, pre-purchased polenta, sliced, grilled and topped with sweet Brasilian avocado butter, grilled red onions, butternut squash, corn and broiled with a slice of goat cheese. 

warm hearts of palm salad with Brasilian hot peppers 
You really have to prepare your sinuses for this one as it was quite spicy. I found this recipe on the food network from Emeril Lagasse.

picanha tri-tip roast

banana and white chocolate ice cream torte
Another great dessert to conclude our week. I’m generally not a big fan of banana desserts and went a little light on the bananas for this torte. The flavors were nice and mild, with a thick (almost too thick) walnut/almond crust, topped with a decadent dark chocolate syrup-using my favorite, Valrhona chocolate.

Brasil, it’s been fun and we have appreciated learning about your vibrant, exotic country. And, we plan on keeping our promise of visiting, hopefully soon. We’ll continue to play soccer and think of your passionate fans and when we see the green, gold and blue flag, we’ll be reminded of what those colors mean. Until then, Muito Obrigado, we thank you! 

2 responses to “Tchau Brasil

  1. whoohooo. so glad we got to partake in this most amazingly delicious meal!!!! 🙂

  2. It looks so delicious!

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