Progress Report

Wow, we’re almost five weeks through our study and I’m amazed at what my kids have learned, and what I’ve learned for that matter. Almost everyday I hear Tallinn counting to ten in Japanese or saying “Sugoi” excitedly. He is eager to tell others what we’re doing and can even remember almost all of the Bible verses we’ve learned. If I were to give out “progress reports” for our journey so far, my stellar students would be receiving “A’s”.

Within a few seconds, Tallinn can find each country on the globe and map and identify its coordinating flag. He can state what the colors of the Brazilian flag represent and which country is home to Kangaroos and Koalas. Not long ago someone asked him what they eat in Australia. I was a bit nervous that maybe we hadn’t gone over this enough, which I have no idea why as that is entirely not the purpose. He answered “Beets”. Awesome! Yesterday, out-of-the-blue, he quoted last week’s verse, which we only went over a few times.  Even Addie remembers a few of the Bible verses, can find Australia, and can identify a few flags. Success!  

Perhaps what’s more encouraging is their excitement to continue this journey. I love that they willingly try each new food we introduce. I love that they’re enthusiastic about each new country and the activities we are going to do. I love that they pray every day for the people in these countries and their specific prayer needs. Success!  

Over the past few weeks I’ve posted almost all of the projects we’ve done. Today, I thought I’d fill in some gaps on things that have since been finished….or added onto…but hadn’t been posted-Addie’s almost finished rosmahling from Austria week, the continued progress of the rickshaw…and more.  



rickshaw boys



the amazing designer


 Here are some Bangladeshi crepes that we had the morning after our dinner.  

mini crepes with simple syrup


 We didn’t quite have room that night, but they did make an AMAZING breakfast, served with a little bit of whipped cream, blackberries and mint. I did recently get an email from a man my aunt connected me with in Bangladesh for the kids to correspond with. He said he had never tasted any Bangladeshi food that looked as good as what we had…guess we err a little on the gourmet side here.  

Now, we have begun a bit of waterfall engineering. It’s been quite simple actually, we started with height, stacking a slide onto a chair, added the hose at the highest pressure possible and used the backyard fountain for a pool base. Clearly, we are amateurs, but it’s been a learning adventure so far. Hopefully we’ll get to try some more tomorrow.   



feeling the pressure


Tallinn happily took on the task of creating the waterfall and still has big plans using just about every rock in our yard. He is never lacking for enthusiasm, that’s for sure. 

I mentioned that Cardiff was perhaps the most adept at sports in our family. Here’s a little clip of him playing soccer. 



2 responses to “Progress Report

  1. Loved seeing the art work. Cardiff wanted to show it to me when I was there.

  2. Loved seeing the art work. Cardiff wanted to show it to me when I was there. Cardiff kicks that ball quite well and looks like he may be a future forward on some AYSO soccerr team.

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