futebol, toucans and samba

I’m not sure this week was a good idea. Actually, I’m kind of wondering about this journey altogether. The traveler inside me wants to hop on a jet and head to one of these exciting places, yet I know it’s not possible right now and it’s killing me! Especially as today we spent awhile on YouTube checking out video clips of the Iguazu Falls in Brazil. Over 275 falls make up this beautiful sight and I am desperate to go NOW. Desperate!  

So, that was the beginning of today’s study. Yesterday, I did a little “futebol” (soccer) lesson with the kids. It went surprisingly well as I’ve tried a few times to do this and failed. Perhaps it was the formality in which it was taught that worked to my advantage. We began with simple passing, moved on to a bit of dribbling, even going through cones and finished with a game of “monkey-in-the-middle”. Addie surprised me the most as she picked up dribbling quite quickly, even mastering the step-on-the-ball-and-move-it-backwards technique. Here’s some fun footage  


soccer lesson #1


big kick!



go Addie!


The kids could have played soccer for hours yesterday and we’ll play a little more today, but first we did a fun toucan craft I found on www.craftsforkids.com.  

All you really need for this craft is colored and black cardstock, glue, glitter glue and black ribbon. There is even a simple template provided to cut out and use for each part of the mask. I basically did all the cutting and the kids assembled their masks while we listened to samba and read some facts about toucans. Did you know there are over 33 species of toucans in the world, with the toco toucan (black and orange) being the most popular? Neither did I. In the end, we had two little toucans. I love my kids! They looked so cute.  



two little toucans




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