Ordem e Progresso

I have to admit, I rather like the Brazilian flag. So much more colorful and lively than ours in a way. (Wow, I feel like I’m betraying my country even admitting that, but I do LOVE the USA and am proud of our flag.) The green, yellow and blue of Brasil is just fun and I like it, that’s all.  

In researching the meaning of the flag, I came to like it all the more. The green background stands for the fields of Brasil, while the yellow represents Brazilian gold and wealth. I love the blue circle in the middle, especially because it represents the sky of Rio de Janeiro on the night of Nov. 15th 1889. That’s so fun! Good friends of our family have an in-home theater with a fiber optic ceiling of stars depicting what the night sky would have looked like above London on December 31, 1999. This flag makes me think of that fun room, however each star on the Brazilian flag represents a Brazilian state.  

“Order and Progress” illuminates the center. Words of the French philosophe, Auguste Comte, who the Brazilians admired.  

So there you have it, a bit of history, information unknown to me before, but that will be remembered I’m sure.  

We’re trying to make our flags different each week so today we used cardstock and cut the different shapes. While I helped with the words in the middle, Tallinn was able to do the rest himself, tracing shapes and gluing them together (oh yes, I also helped cut). At the end, he added white stars with a white colored pencil. Easy, schmeazy.  

diamond stencil tracing


glued on shapes


adding the white stars



One response to “Ordem e Progresso

  1. Love the work on the flags. I did not get to see the fall pictured even though we were not too far away. Ken and Cindy went their shortly after they were married.

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