Bem-vinda Brasil

We have now left South Asia and have landed in South America. If we were to really be traveling the world, I don’t think alphabetically would be the most efficient way to go as we’ve been almost been around the world and back and we’re only to “B”.

Fortunately, on the internet, you can do anything. So, here we are in Brasil. Yes, typically it’s spelled with a “Z”, but we’re going to spell it the way they do in Portuguese as we try to be as authentic as possible.

There are two things I think of when I imagine Brasil. The first is a postcard some family friends sent us years ago of the most amazing waterfalls I’ve ever seen in my entire life! Since receiving that postcard I have longed to travel to Brasil and see such beauty, but sadly haven’t yet had the chance. Someday. Until then, I’ll continue to look at postcards and books and dream. Since I haven’t been able to find that postcard in years, I thought I’d share an actual picture of these dreamy falls. Someday I’ll go…I promise.

The second thing I think of about Brasil is soccer. Boy does this nation have a passion for soccer!

So, those are two things we’re going to use this week. As I typically like to change up the focus of our learning-music, art, culture-this week I think we’re going to try some science. All day today the kids and I have been talking about waterfalls, why it’s not a good idea to stand underneath many of them, what types you can go over with a raft, which are too dangerous, etc. We even ventured to Disneyland and got to see first-hand several “man-made” waterfalls and talked about the different types. This week, we’re going to try and create some sort of waterfall using various materials. I’m excited!

Next, we’re going to focus a bit on soccer. Having played the sport for ten years in my younger days, I love that I can use this week to teach the kids. Tallinn has played a little and Addie has watched, but actually, Cardiff seems to be the most adept in the family, so he’ll probably teach the others.

As we were playing earlier at the big “D”, later we’ll begin our geography and review our previous countries so we don’t forget. How fun that “It’s a Small World” was a good way to revisit  some of the countries we’ve journeyed to.

Also, in honor of the Amazon (which we’ll obviously also be studying), I chose this verse for our week:

There is a river whose streams

make glad the city of God,

the holy place where the Most

High dwells.

Psalm 46:4

Tchau for now. (That’s ciao, in Portugeuse).


3 responses to “Bem-vinda Brasil

  1. have i told you that i think you are a good writer?

  2. Oh geez, a waterfall project. I barely finished my part of the rickshaw!! 🙂

  3. thanks, amanda, you might just be the most encouraging person I know

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