We’re making a rickshaw!

For probably most of my life I have been a “project” person, always coming up with new ideas and creations, but typically not knowing how to make them happen. Fortunately, I married a very talented man who not only makes things happen, but is also willing to go along with my, often crazy, far-fetched, ideas.

Imagine my excitement when I mentioned to him the idea of making a rickshaw this week as we learn about Bangladesh and he accepted the task! So, now the initial building of the rickshaw has begun and we are about to begin our full-forced decorative efforts. If you were to google Bangladesh Rickshaw, you would see elaborate pedicabs with every inch artfully designed and decorated in bright colors and native patterns.

Maybe you should actually not google those images first. Because as much as I’d like to make an exact replica, I have learned to know and accept my limitations and our family rickshaw is likely to be nothing like a “true” Bangladesh rickshaw but we are sure to have fun in the process.

I’m not sure how far we’ll come today and I’ll post pictures as soon as we have some, but, in the meantime, here are a few from last night, with the sidebars strategically placed as Car went straight into the rickshaw from his bath.

(I edited the picture :)) I’ll post the others soon

One response to “We’re making a rickshaw!

  1. stratgegically placed indeed.

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