red & green without the Christmas

Well here we are in Bangladesh! I think I may actually learn a lot this week as I’m not sure I knew anything before about this fascinating country. A beautiful cookbook has been borrowed “Mangoes and Curry Leaves”, which raves of delicious Bangladeshi foods, flags have been colored and we’re off!   

identifying the red and green flag


 Tallinn quickly found the flag and location of Bangladesh on our wall map, then we starred Dhaka on our maps and colored them, along with the flags. Next, we started a fun new safety pin flag craft. This was a great activity for Tallinn as he could easily follow the directions and count out the necessary beads for each pin, not to mention the excellent fine motor practice. He only needed my help for the last part of stringing all the pins through two pins on either end. Addie, on the  other hand really just watched as I made her safety pin flag for her.   

attempting to put the bead on the safety pin


I’ll give her an “A” for effort!  

stringing the final pin through

stringing the final bead through the pins

finished safety pin flag


This fun craft was found on There are safety pin flags for several countries of the world on this site. It was a fairly inexpensive craft to do and required a little preparation-buying the safety pins and beads, but it was a fun, somewhat easy way to remember this green and red flag.  

Now, more fun is sure to come as we are building a rickshaw! Or, at least attempting anyway.

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