Sayanara Japan

What a wonderful week we had learning about Japan, learning about Yurie, making beautiful Japanese art!  I’m not sure who had more fun, the kids or me.

Last night, we finished our week with a delicious dinner, prepared by our special guest. When Yurie came in September she told me she didn’t know how to cook. Over the past few months, she has helped me make a few things and I’ve shown her some cooking tips, but I really think she was hiding her cooking talents all along. The meal was fabulous! What might have been my favorite part was Yurie’s newfound confidence. She was so pleased with herself that everything had turned out. She kept saying “I can’t believe”. It was awesome!  

The meal consisted of Nikujaga, a type of beef and potatoes, Japanese-style (soy, etc.), miso soup with a winter vegetable we found at Mitsuwa, white rice and I added to the meal some Japanese sweet potatoes with scallions and miso.  

We used some of our week’s origami creations as place cards, set out the chopsticks, prayed for Japan (and Haiti) and had a wonderful meal together.  

happy chef

肉じゃが Nikujaga

肉じゃが Nikujaga


 Quite shockingly, Tallinn kept saying how much he liked the “white stuff” (a.k.a. tofu) from the miso soup. He even asked Addie for hers! Then, he got a bit overloaded and said he didn’t like it anymore. Kids!  

Tallinn tasting tofu


 Since Yurie is in school and Japan doesn’t really have many traditional desserts, we decided to make it easy for her tonight and just bought Mochi Ice Cream. Green tea, mango and chocolate flavored mochi balls were passed around for all to enjoy. Yes, please!  



mango mochi

 And so concludes our week with Japan. Arigato Japan for teaching us to see beauty in simple things and a big arigato for letting us borrow Yurie. She is a gift! 




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