Japanese Fanfare

Let’s be honest, today’s craft was really more of an “adult” project, but the kids had fun with the end result. First, they chose a scrapbook page, then we (I) folded it in an accordian fashion. For Addie’s “girl” fan, we then bent the page in half, tied twine around the end, and attached a few beads, knotting the end. The boys’ fans were a little simpler and you just folded up the bottom and tied around the twine with the beads. Basically, the only thing the kids did was choose their paper and the beads tied to the end, but they had fun fanning themselves afterward. 

Tal did try to tie the twine a bit




finished girl fan


 As our week has come to a close, our art display is now full of beautiful Japanese treasures. Tonight we will conclude the week with a special dinner! 

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