Mitsuwa Field Trip

We are very fortunate to live about two miles away from a Japanese grocery store. We’ve taken each of our Japanese students here and today we decided to go with Yurie as we prepare for tomorrow night’s Japanese dinner. I have offered to help, and will be making the sweet potatoes, but Yurie really wants to make this dinner! She is amazing….and NO you can’t have her. (I actually had someone at church one day ask if she could live with them!) She got a few recipes from her mom and researched some others, so I’m curious to see what she’s going to make.




Tal had fun copying the little Japanese guy on the signs. 



Addie really wanted to buy Octopus legs, but we talked her out of it. 

delicious tentacles


the fun snack section


We ended in the snack section like we usually do, buying some fun soy crackers, a couple chewy candies. 

3 responses to “Mitsuwa Field Trip

  1. That looked like a fun time!

  2. Yummy octopus legs….mmmm!

  3. whoohoo. those candies were good!

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