Fingerprint Blossoms 桜

Sometimes the best projects are the simplest! I have to admit, today’s art project was one of my favorites. I think it’s because it was easy for all of my kids to do and the end result captured the simple beauty of Japan so well. Along with that, it really didn’t cost anything as we had all the materials on hand and it was really difficult to mess up.

Since we didn’t have pink tempura paint, we mixed red and white and a little orange on  paper plates. On rectangular poster board cut-outs, I drew black tree trunks and branches with a sharpie. The kids simply dipped their fingers into the pink paint, then on the tree branches and voila!, instant cherry blossoms.

桜 (Cherry Blossom)

Even Cardiff was able to do this and I love how his turned out!  

Tallinn decided to write his name in the fingerprint blossom style.

They all are so beautiful and can’t wait for them to dry so we can hang them on our art display.

2 responses to “Fingerprint Blossoms 桜

  1. YEAH!!! so fun. love it.

  2. Ohh these are soo pretty! I love them!

    I saw a book for you at the library today. Its called Chibi, A True Story From Japan by barbara Brenner… the cover remindes me of Ping a little bit.

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