Land of the Rising Sun

It’s so exciting to be studying Japan this week with Yurie. She is a beautiful woman that has become part of our family and we are honored to learn a little more about her great nation.  

Being our geography day, we began as usual with the spinning of the globe to find Japan. Only today, I let Yurie do the talking…ALL in Japanese (Basically she’s saying, “good morning, today we’re going to learn about Japan….”)!  Here’s a fun video clip of her teaching.   

Apparently Tallinn knows a bit of Japanese! I love that he understood enough to find Japan on the globe, which he had learned before.  Next, they searched for the flag on our wall map….again all in Japanese.  

It was so much fun to see the kids engaged, even though they couldn’t understand.  

Yurie then helped the kids find Tokyo on our Japanese map coloring pages. On Tallinn’s map she wrote the word “Tokyo” in Japanese. Apparently there are three different ways to write words in Japanese and she wrote all three versions for us to see.  


For the flag, instead of coloring, we used a watercolor circle to paint the red Hinomaru (circle of the sun), onto pre-cut watercolor paper rectangles.  

Yurie wrote the kids’ names in Japanese on their flags and we hung them in our typical spot, using clothespin and twine.  



I made this easy art display awhile back, simply hanging twine from a drapery rod near our kitchen table for all to see. During Christmas time, we use it to display the cards we receive. I love it because it’s a great way to show the kids we’re excited about what they’re creating. Plus, our refrigerator is not magnetized!  

Because today was a rainy day, we continued on in our fun with Japan and made some hanging koi fish. Some friends joined us and, using pre-cut scrap paper and aluminum foil circles, the kids decorated these colorful fish. (We dipped q-tips in glue to avoid glue overload.) At the end, we stapled both sides together, attached some Asian ribbons I had to the bottom and hung them by yarn on another drapery rod.   


Decorating the Koi Fish


Finished Side of Koi


Car just liked sucking on the q-tip



the finished koi


Sayanara for today!

One response to “Land of the Rising Sun

  1. We had so much fun today! Thank you for crafting it up with us!

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