Sad detour

We couldn’t quite begin our Austria study today without addressing the tragedy that happened in Haiti. A few years ago I read a book about adoption,  The Treasury of Adoption Miracles,  where the author had adopted three young boys from Haiti to add to her family of five. This story moved me so much that I also wanted to adopt from Haiti. (Although, the government is so corrupt that international adoption has not been easy.) It is the poorest country in our hemisphere already and I cried today as I shared with the kids the pictures from a Toronto article.  We prayed for Haiti and the people there and had already planned on studying the country in the coming weeks, but right now, we’re putting our heads together for something we can do to help out.

One thing that hit me last night as I watched the news, was the loading up of the dogs to fly to Haiti. Our family has a medical service dog that is able to use her gift of scent to help our son with his diabetes. I am so thankful for this gift and pray that the dogs that went to Haiti will be able to help save lives!

Here is a link to an amazing organization that works with Haitian orphans


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