I have to admit, I was about to give up on finding crafts for Austria. So I asked my good friend, Kathleen, who has lived there twice for some help. Rosmahling, which means “painted wood” is very common in Austria as they often paint their furniture with beautiful designs. My super helpful friend suggested painting some sort of wood and that is just what we did today.

At Michael’s I found some cute little wooden shelves for $2.99. The kids each picked one for their rooms and we started the painting today. After the initial base coat dries, we’ll add the special details.


Tallinn loved it and even painted a wooden heart we found at Michael’s as well.  He happily threw on one of dad’s old t-shirts and got to work. We even used “real” paint. The only problem was that we didn’t have enough things for him to paint!


One response to “Rosmahling

  1. Glad you had fun with the Rosemahling! I wish we could go back to Austria together again – maybe we will someday with all of our sweet children..

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