Our home is alive…

with the sound of music

Postcard from Salzburg



Today we had fun with music! Although, I would highly recommend earplugs for this adventure as my ears barely survived the morning. 

The kids were in the playroom and I started playing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on the piano to set the tone. (After all, Mozart wrote this favorite tune). “It’s Austria time”, I said. “Yay, Austria time”, the excited response. 

After reviewing the geography from yesterday, we learned about the following instruments: 

guitar, harp, trombone, flute, xylophone, violin, trombone, cymbals, recorder 

I printed images of each instrument and had Tallinn write the word below each picture. 


Then, I made a little matching quiz….super easy to do with clipart. 

instrument matching


Addie played along, but this was a little advanced for her. 

Next we brought the noise! Using things from around the house, we created a little three instrument band. First, we learned how to make cymbals using the lids of pots (this is where earplugs would have been nice). Toilet paper rolls were made into trumpets and oatmeal cans turned upside and banged with markers or pencils for a resourceful drum. The kids loved this and I’m glad they thought it was a little loud, too. 

three kid band


little trumpeteer


oatmeal can drum


Tonight, just for fun, I gave Tallinn another instrument matching sheet and, sure enough, he remembered each one! 

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  1. very clever!

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